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How To Tweak Your Ads To Make Them Click! — The Principles of Optimization

The choice of AdSense formats can be overwhelming. Many people let Google
decide for them, preferring to stick with the default settings that AdSense
Big mistake!
From my own experience I can tell you that’s like swapping a hundred-dollar
bill for a ten-dollar note. For almost a year I settled for just a tenth of what I
could have been making just because I didn’t bother to control the look and
placement of my AdSense units.
The various ad formats, colors and locations on the Web page can make up
thousands of different combinations. You can literally spend hours every day
experimenting with every possible combination. But you don’t want to, do
In this chapter I’m going to explain the formatting rules and techniques that
have sky-rocketed the CTRs on my top-grossing pages.
Ultimately, there are three ways to increase your AdSense revenue.1. Tweak the Ads
Even small changes to the appearance of your AdSense units can have
a dramatic effect on the clickthrough rate;
2. Optimize your Website
The context in which the ads appear is important too. What Google
calls 'content relevance' will affect the kinds of ads you receive, and
the value of the clicks on those ads.
3. Track Visitor Response
If you don't know what works (and what doesn't work) in trying to
increase your AdSense revenue, you're shooting arrows in the dark!
Analyzing your stats can reveal a great deal about your visitors and
answer fundamental questions such as what they're looking for and
what makes them click. Once you've figured that out, you're on your
way to big AdSense bucks!
Let’s start by looking at how you can tweak your ads.

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