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Google’s Policies — They’re Important!

There are two fields on the AdSense registration form that are particularly
important. The first is your address. You want to receive those AdSense
The second is the check box that indicates that you’ve read AdSense’s
program policies. (Google even makes reading the policies the first item on
its checklist that can help to guide you through AdSense.)
That’s because those policies are important. You have to follow them and you
have follow them without looking for shortcuts.
AdSense works. I know it works because I’ve got the stats, the checks and
the bank balance to prove it. And all of the methods that I used to increase
my AdSense revenues were completely legitimate and in line with Google’s
It is possible to cheat AdSense. But you’d have to be crazy to do it. You can
make so much money working within Google’s rules that to risk gettingthrown out by putting ads on pages without content or by persuading users
to click on the ads is just plain crazy.
I’ve put a detailed list of Google’s “do’s and don’ts” at the back of this book
but the things to look out for in particular are:
When the ads appear on your page, you have to leave them
completely alone. You might be tempted to tell your users to “click
here” or support your sponsors but if Google catches you, they could
well cut you off. They want people to click because they’re genuinely
interested in the ad. Get your optimization strategies right and they’ll
do just that.
Google doesn’t want advertisers complaining to them that their
services were being promoted on a site that supports gambling or is
filled with profanity or contains more ads than content. If your content
doesn’t come up to scratch, you’ll need a site that does.
Code Modification
You have to paste the AdSense code onto your site as is. And you
don’t need to do anything else! Your AdSense account will let you play
with colors and placements (and getting those right is what will really
boost your income) so why bother playing with Google’s HTML? It’s not
necessary and it could get you a lifetime ban.
Prohibited Clicks
And nastiest of all are the people who either click on their own ads or
create programs to do it for them. It’s true that you could give yourself
some easy cash with just a little click as you’re sitting in a café
somewhere. But you’re taking money away from an advertiser. He
wants to buy a lead not satisfy your curiosity. And Google might just
take away your cash cow.Most of the policies are pretty straightforward and if they were opaque once,
they’re now clearly explained. The principles are clear: your users should be
visiting your site to see your content and clicking your ads because they’re
genuinely interested in what your advertisers are offering. Your job as an
AdSense publisher is to make your content interesting enough to attract
users and the ads clear enough to lead your visitors to click on them.
There are a couple of other things to pay attention to on the policies page
though that are less clear.In theory, you could insert the AdSense code onto a Web page as many
times as you wanted. But Google limits the number of ads you can place on a
page. You can place up to three content ad units and up to three link units;
no more than two Google AdSense for search boxes; and a single link unit or
another search box on the search results page.
You really shouldn’t need more than those but as you start thinking about
the best places to put your AdSense units, it is worth remembering that
Google does have limits.
The other interesting rule is that Google does not allow AdSense to be
“Placed on pages published specifically for the purpose of showing ads.”
That can sound a little strange. When you’re building an Internet business,
every page is published specifically for the purpose of showing ads!
Google is referring to pages that have very little content or no content at all
but it does hit on an important point.
AdSense will support your site and it will turn your content into cash. But
your site will be built on content, and that should always be your main focus.
Keep that in mind as you build your business, and AdSense should always be
working for you.

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