Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

AdSense for Games

And games aren’t doing too badly either. If you’ve created a Web-based
Flash game that serves 500,000 games a day and picks up 80 percent of its
traffic from the UK and the US, then you may be eligible to serve AdSense
units within your game.
That’s not something that’s as open an opportunity as AdSense for Content
or even AdSense for Mobile. You’ll need to know how to program Flash
games that people want to play and you’ll need to have a very large
audience of people who want to play them.Optimization is going to come down largely to placement. Interrupt the game
play and gamers will become frustrated and stop playing. Even clicking the
ads will whisk users away from the game.
For the relatively small number of online games publishers who qualify, it
might represent a useful opportunity but I suspect making $1 games for the
iPhone and supplementing that income with iAds will produce more revenue.

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