Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

AdSense for Search

AdSense for Content comes in a range of different forms, types and formats,
from simple, small link units to large video ads. But all of those different
kinds of units represent only one of the seven AdSense products that Google
provides. It’s a product that’s intended to run alongside website content and
use algorithms to match ad inventory to the subject matter on the page.
It’s the product you’re likely to use the most and generate the most income
for you.
But you should also be using AdSense for Search.
When Google first rolled out this product, it wasn’t very profitable — at least
not for publishers. Recently though, Google has been working hard to
improve results, allow better website blending and give publishers greater
It’s now much more powerful than it used to be, and it should be an essential
part of your website monetization.
The product itself is much simpler than all of the different AdSense for
Content units. You’ll get a search field (whose length you can define), and a
choice of notices declaring that users are looking at a “Google Custom
Search” box.
You can place two search fields on your website (although you’ll probably
only need one). When users search using that search box, ads are placednext to the results in the same way that they appear next to content on a
It’s a simple product that complements AdSense for Content nicely. But that
doesn’t mean it’s simple to optimize. In addition to defining the search box,
it’s also possible to choose where the search results appear, to design the
results page, position the logo, and — most importantly— customize the
Understanding how to optimize all of those elements isn’t difficult but it does
require a little learning.

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