Senin, 13 Juni 2011

How To Publications blog

"why my blog is not showing it ....?"
"how do want to be known, after disearch digoogle wong lo ato yahoo do not see you see you ...?"

Here are some tips for introducing a blog on the Internet:
1. Register disearch engine (google, yahoo, etc)
Services: Blogging
Once registered will not immediately appear because Google requires indexing process, after a few days it will appear.

2. Use statistical applications.
For example:
Put banner Sitemeter keblog and will be a lot of data is read
3. Register your web site auto submit service
For example:

4. Use third parties such as site:
a. Technorati:
b. Mybloglog:
c. Blog Pulse:
d. Blog Digger:

5. Take advantage of E-mail
Each sending emails, we include our blog address. Do I type in manually or go to email settings on the Signature / signature. So each of our blog email address will be listed.

5. Comment the blogs of others
Leave a trail by inserting the address on the blog comment.

6. Publication of the real world.
a. Friends convey.
b. enter the blog address carded name.
Friends friends that now have a blog (he.. he ....)
d. ng .. let alone yes ... and others

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