Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Fast Decision-Making With A/B Testing

One of the problems with tracking channels is that collecting all the data you
need can take time. If you wanted to know whether you should put askyscraper or a small square in your sidebar, you’d have to start with one
type of ad unit, collect results for at least a week to make sure that they’re
representative, replace that unit with the second type, follow those results
for a week and compare.
Sound tough?
There’s an easier way.
Normally, playing with the AdSense code is a big no-no. But this script comes
right from Google itself and has been approved for this specific use only:

Simply, replace the lines that say “your first ad unit code goes here” and
“your second ad unit code goes here” with the ad codes for each of the two
units you wish to test.
The result will be that the two ads are rotated randomly so that each will
appear half the time. As long as those two ad units are similar in every
respect but one and each has a unique channel name, you’ll be able to see
exactly which type of ad unit is earning more after about a week or so.
This is an extremely useful exception to AdSense’s rules about changing its
ad code, but I wouldn’t recommend that you do it across your entire site. It’s
always best to do your testing on a separate page or group of pages and
then make the changes across the site once you’ve got the information you
That would minimize your losses if the original ad unit works better.
And when you do find that one ad unit performs better than another, making
the change right across your site is now very easy.
In the past, changing your ads meant copying the code and pasting it into
your site again.
Today, things are a bit easier than that.
When you create your ad code, you’ll be asked to give that code a name.
Make sure that name tells you exactly where the ad will be placed and its
Whenever you want to change the way an ad looks, you’ll be able to pull up
that code on your AdSense center and make the changes. Your ad will be
updated automatically within the next ten minutes.
Unless you want to change the size of your ads. That you’ll still have to do
manually by pasting in the new code.

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