Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

AdSense for Domains

AdSense for Domains makes money out of nothing.
All of the different forms of AdSense for Content have one thing in common.
They rely on the presence of content. Google reads the text on the page and
matches the subject to the ads.
AdSense for Domains is unique in that it requires that a site contains no
content at all.
Targeting is done through a combination of keywords submitted by the
developer and the search terms used to reach the site. Instead of content,
when users arrive at the site, they see a page of sponsored listings.
The product is intended for use on parked domains — websites that have yet
to be developed. Instead of seeing a sign saying “page under construction”
or a 404 error message, they get the chance to continue surfing and the
publisher gets a chance to win some advertising clicks.
But not many advertising clicks. A site that has no content is unlikely to have
much in the way of traffic. Any visitors that do stop by will either come from
users typing the URL directly into the browser or from people following old
links to content on a site that no longer exists. If you’re lucky, you might just
manage to generate the ten dollars or so a year it costs to keep the name
You might increase that income by playing with the keywords, choosing
related terms that have a low search volume, for example. But you’re not
allowed to develop links or try to promote the empty site in any way. If you
try to build content to attract visitors then you’ll need to use AdSense for
Content instead of AdSense for Domains.
AdSense for Domains is useful if you have a domain waiting to be developed
or sold but don’t expect it to do more than contribute to the name
registration fee.

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