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AdSense for Video

Most publishers though aren’t going to be using AdSense for Games, and
even fewer will be using AdSense for Video. Back in 2007, Google did allow
publishers to place YouTube videos on their websites and split the ad
revenues with the company and with the video maker. It was never a great
program and a year later it was retired.
Now if you want to place AdSense on your video content, you’ll need a
minimum of 10 million streams every month. If that’s you, you can enjoy
those revenues. Otherwise you’re likely to be using primarily AdSense for
Content and AdSense for Search, and perhaps AdSense for Mobile too.
If you do want to earn advertising revenues from video content, you can
either place the videos on an AdSense supported site (with enough text to
trigger ads) or use another service such as Revver.com to earn from the ads.
One the whole though, video tends to be more useful as a form of promotion
than a way of generating advertising revenue.
AdSense is simple… in principle. Ads go in, ads come out. Optimize the ads
correctly and you’ll generate clicks. But the range of different ad types can
be confusing. With so much choice, it’s very easy to put the wrong ads in the
wrong places and end up with less income than your site can generate.
That’s the mistake that many new publishers make. It was certainly the
mistake that I made when I first started using AdSense.
That’s why it’s important to know about all of the different AdSense products
and each of the formats and flavors in which AdSense can be served. Even if
you don’t use them all — and I doubt if any publisher gets to use all of the
different kinds of AdSense units — you should be aware of all the tools that
you have at your disposal.And then you need to know how to use them. You have to know which units
to use when, how to tweak them for best effect and what to do with them to
maximize your earnings.
How much you earn from those will depend on how successfully you optimize
those units.
That’s what I’ll discuss in the next two chapters.

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